We offer you Paradise

With a unique mix of colors, found only in the heart of the natural Park of Arrábida and the Natural reserve of Sado Estuary.

Activities & Points of Interest

Casa d’ Adôa is located in the wine-producing area of major wine producers, such as José Maria da Fonseca, Ermelinda de Freitas and Quinta da Bacalhoa, amongst others;

There are several tourist attractions:

- Guided tours to local wine cellars;
- Guided tours to Arrábida Convent, which is 4 kilometers away from Casa d’Adôa;
- Hiking and BTT activities through Arrábida Hill’s tracks;
- Mountaineering and climbing;
- Cave and rift visits.



There is a beach 20 meters away from the house, where you can

- Dive with the local school;
- Have a boat trip in the Sado river estuary, which is a Natural Reserve and houses families of dolphins;



Other Activities

- The gastronomic diversity is the whole country’s calling card. However, the coastline zones stand out for their large variety of fish and seafood dishes, allowing you to enjoy a whole range of renowned restaurants and “tasquinhas”.